Join us in supporting the pole sport as such and in creating a healthy competitive environment that motivates athletes, beginners as well as professionals, to reach better performance.

Two attractive concepts of the competition

Pole Battle League - logo

Pole Battle League

  • Serious sporty competition with official rules
  • Usually takes place at official sport/cultural venues
  • Push pole sport among official sports
  • Results create a chart of the best athletes
  • Three categories: Amateurs, Professionals and Elite
Pole Battle Freestyle - logo

Pole Battle Freestyle

  • More for show rather than competition
  • Jury is the audience
  • More dynamic, more adrenalin

International Concept

  • All countries respect one set rules
  • All countries respect graphic guidelines
  • All countries share results, photos, videos
  • National and International competitions & charts
  • Athletes can compete and gain points in all countries
  • The best athletes of each country will compete in an International Pole Battle Championship at the end of the year

Why become our partner?

  • Join your brand with our unique attractive competition that gets everybody´s attention!
  • Be seen in several European countries
  • Encourage a new dancing sport full of acrobatic tricks that leads to be one of the most sexy sport ever
  • Increase your brand awareness at biggest sport/cultural/free leisure time events/festivals
  • See the calendar of pole battles in all countries
Sport Expo - 30 000 visitors

Sport Expo - 30 000 visitors

Ladronkafest - 17 000 visitors

Ladronkafest - 17 000 visitors

Dance Life Expo - 60 000 visitors

Dance Life Expo - 60 000 visitors

Membership types

What you GET1 RoundBronzeSilverGoldGeneral
Your products/vouchers are welcome
On-line + print promo (Facebook pages, websites, leaflets)
Moderator will promote your brand during the competition
Free tickets for you & your partners
Banner/Roll up
Logo at the end of promo spot
Logo at big final International Pole Battle Championship
Logo in a section Gallery
Logo at the beginning of promo spots
Naming rights for your brand of the final round International Pole Battle Championship
350 EUR
750 EUR
1000 EUR
2000 EUR
3000 EUR
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