Jarmila Ptáčníková

CZJarmila Ptáčníková

  • President of European Pole Dance Federation
  • Vice president of Czech association of pole & art sports
  • Managing director of POLE STARS and Czech&Slovak national pole art championship
  • International IPSAF judge
  • Judge and founder of Pole Battle League (since 2011)
  • Owner of Vertigo pole fitness studio in Prague
José Rodrigues

ILJosé Rodrigues

  • Founder of Pole Sport Federation Israel
  • He has been dancing for 16 years competitive dance and ballet in a ballet company
  • He has been pole dancing for 4 years now and love dancing and expressing movement
  • Israel pole champion 2014, 2015
  • Best tricks in Dutch International
  • South African male pole champion
Daniel Itzhaqi

ILDaniel Itzhaqi

  • Organizer and Managing director of Israel Pole Art competition
  • Organizer and Managing director of Israel Pole Battle League
  • Judge of Pole Battle League
  • Owner of Gamish Studio- Active flexibility training and contortion training
  • Co-Owner of Funky Goddess Pole and Dance Studio- the first and leading pole studio in Israel
  • 1st place in Israel Pole Sport 2015, elite couple section
  • 2nd place in Israel Pole Sport 2015, women elite section
  • 2nd place in Israel Pole Art 2014, women elite section
Zuzana Kellner

CZZuzana Kellner

  • Pole dance instructor (IPDF)
  • Lecturer of Pole Dance Academy
  • Owner of FITDANCEART Pilsen
  • Pole Battle League Judge
  • Certified Instructor of Fitness & Body Building, PortDeBras, Advanced Ay Fly Training
Lucia Štulrajterová

SKLucia Štulrajterová

  • studied Faculty of Sports Studies in Brno - Regeneration and Nutrition in Sport
  • currently Doctoral studies at the same faculty with a focus on nutrition in sport
  • teacher in Pole Decadance Studio in Brno (focus on contempole, pole choreo, pole dance, aerial hoop, nutrition, exotic and heels, fitness)
  • X-pole X-pert qualification
  • in the doubles category: 1st place Pole Stars 2014; 5th place Pole Emotions 2014; 3rd place Pole Sport Championship 2015, 4th place PoleArt Spain 2015
  • dance crew Alex Shchukin for Pole Theatre UK 2014 and 2015
  • X-pole dancer for Move it Show UK 2015
Juraj Škríp

SKJuraj Škríp

  • Ex professional dancer and choreographer
  • Co-organizer of several entertaining events for SK television like Mr. Slovakia, Miss model Slovakia
  • His choreography won a title of the European champion in show dance formations
  • Actually focused on choreographies for pole dancers
  • Judge at National pole art championship and Pole Battle League (since 2013)
Linda Vedralová

CZLinda Vedralová

  • Co-organizer of Czech national pole sport championship 2013, 2014
  • Owner of pole dance studio Firefly in Prague
  • Certified pole instructor of Vertical Dance and PDA
  • Supervisory judge of Pole Challenge Cup
  • Organizer of Pole & ME competition
Lenka Mrkvová

CZLenka Mrkvová

  • Coordinator of Czech Pole Sports Championship 2016 (IPSF)
  • Certifies pole instructor of Pole dance & fitness
  • Finalist of Czech Pole Sport Championship 2013
Veronika Dolanská

CZVeronika Dolanská

  • Judge at World Pole Sports Championship 2013
  • Judge at Europian Pole Sport Championship 2013
  • Judge at SK National Championship 2013
  • Owner of Poletime pole dance studio in Prague
  • Experienced pole dancer (3rd place at Europian Championship 2012)

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